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The Raven & The Road

Bringing Lessons Straight To You In The Greater Charlotte Area

Guitar | Bass | Ukulele

Nicholas Rhodes


Nicholas started The Raven & The Road, LLC out of an overflow of his love for music and the positive impact it makes on the community. Teaching students of all ages, Nicholas offers hour long lessons and instruction on: Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Ukulele.


Having completed his studies in Jazz Guitar at University, he has since been educating and performing throughout the Carolinas. Nicholas believes in tailoring each lesson to the benefit of the student's needs and goals; "With each player being unique, so too is the way in which I adapt each lesson to the student". 

Nicholas Rhodes - The Raven And The Road
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Lessons Brought To You

Each lesson is scheduled for 60 minutes at a set day and time once per week. The Instructor will travel to the student to hold each weekly lesson. All course material will be prepared and provided to the student on behalf of the Instructor. For details concerning pricing, scheduling, and other information, please submit below: