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Intentional Practice

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Guitar techniques. Efficient ways to practice.
How To Practice Guitar

Boasting in the Numbers

Less can most definitely mean more! Hyper-Focused time intentionally invested in a specific practice regiment devoid of distractions can leave a 30-min session more effective than 2 Hours of misguided warmups and noodling.

Balancing the Breaks

Contrary to popular beliefs, breaks are a blessing. Allow your mind to process the massive amounts of information you have uploaded. [Take time to chew and digest before getting the next bite]

Be strategic, I’m not saying to check your phone every 5 minutes, but your brain will continue going over the information long after you’ve put down your instrument.

Personal Regiment

Here is my mock 30-min session (scale timing):

5 - Min. Warmup: book, scales, stretches

10 - Min. Advanced Book / Song / Solo

10 - Min. Chord Cleanup / Theory Application (New: Chords, Scales, Ext.)

5 - Min. Discover New Music / Constructive Noodling

Supplies: Notebook, Metronome, Phone

Tip #1:Record Yourself (to listen back for mistakes and archive for progress).

Tip #2: Take Notes - before practice starts plan out what you’re working on, what did you do well, what needs more love next time.

Tip #3: Utilize resources like “Drum Backing Tracks 120 BPM” on Youtube as metronome alternatives.

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