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Role Models

Role Models: Beneficial in life as well as music! Finding someone who excels at what they do and mimicking them, is a great way to grow quickly and efficiently in any given skillset.

learning to play guitar. master guitar by finding role models and becoming that musician. key for guitar lessons and music students.

#1 Pick Your Poison

First thing first, you need to choose your role model. Listen around to find someone you really admire; not just one good song, but someone whose feel and approach to the instrument captivates you. This is important, because you will be sticking around them for an extended period of time.

#2 Down The Rabbit Hole

Create a list of your favorite songs from this individual and dive in; notice the patterns or boxes they stay in, how they articulate passages, and even which strings they gravitate towards. Go deeper than notes, you need to become this musician. Work through albums and solos, and learn to see the instrument as they do.

#3 Homey Touches

After you have soaked up as much as you can from this artist, we can then insert our own interpretations. This is where we begin to develop our own unique sound!

#4 Rinse & Repeat

Try doing this with multiple musicians across different genres. Gain new inspirations and insight. While I make this sound simple, you can spend months to a year+ on one artist alone, so have patience and make both short and long term goals.

music lessons. planning your goals. growing in your lessons. becoming a better musician. Charlotte, nc.

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