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Speed Development

Improving the speed on your instrument is a natural element of your practice sessions. Speed practices are a delicate matter however, if not done properly, negative habits may be formed and progress into your next stages of playing, resulting in a fractured foundation.

Mandatory Equipment

  • Metronome

  • Drum Tracks - Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music

  • Youtube (with reduced “playback speed”) -or- Amazing Slow Downer App

We need something to hold us accountable!! We cannot rely on our own sense of time, therefore having something external such as the tools listed above will ensure we are staying true to the timing of the song.

Using A Metronome

  1. Take your passage and play at a slow tempo (ex: 60bpm)

  2. Loop it 3-4 times, and if played perfectly each time increase speed

  3. Move in increments of 5bpm (60 - 65 - 70 - ext.)

Eventually you will hit a ceiling; there will be a point you just can’t get past. Write that number down, and take a break (go get some water). Come back to it later or take a sleep and hit it tomorrow.

  1. When you come back to this passage DO NOT start at your “ceiling” number

    1. Start 5 - 10bpm below

  2. Repeat Process


The #1 Mistake is going to be RUSHING this process. Jumping to faster tempos prematurely will lead to sloppy playing and uneven rhythms. I understand how eager we can be to play fast, but for the benefit of your future self (and wanting to dodge the process of unlearning bad habits) please be patient and trust the process.

  • If there are certain sections that are giving you a hard time, we can create specific exercises designed at targeting and perfecting those troubled areas.

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